Letting the Other Side Win

At one time or another, we’ve all been told that people can do to us only what we allow them to do. Well I have allowed someone – my X – to take away my enjoyment of Thanksgiving.

It was about a week and a half before Thanksgiving Day 2006 when I learned that we were no more. I struggled through that week and finally sought counseling by Wednesday of Thanksgiving week. That in itself shouldn’t seem all that terrible, but the woman she left me for lives in New York and she was going to see her Thanksgiving week and would be going to see the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade while with her. Since childhood, every year I looked forward to watching that parade. That all ended in 2006. Every year since then I cannot look at that parade without thinking of the lies and the hurt and the time wasted with someone who obviously cared nothing for me.

So this year I will do as I have since then: focus on and be thankful for my friends without whom I would not be here. I am thankful for these steadfast rocks who keep calm the stormy sea that is my life. Were I to spend a thousand lifetimes serving each of them in turn, it would not be enough to repay their kindness. I love each of them more than I can ever possibly hope to express.

Bonnie, Jean, Bex, Angie, Maran, Peggy – you are the reason for my Thanksgiving this year and every year.

Now if one of you could please tell me why all the other bullshit has come to roost in my brain this year, I would be eternally grateful.


5 thoughts on “Letting the Other Side Win

  1. Awww Darling…

    How sweet. You are such a gem, and on my “so thankfull for” list as well. As to the other stuff coming to roost… give it a kick with one of those big ‘ol boots 😉

  2. Things only “roost” if they have somewhere to perch! Keep the bottom lip in, and “nil illigitium carborundum”. (Hope I’ve spelt that correctly!)

  3. I am always thankful that we got to be friends…but a day like Thanksgiving really brings home just how much. Knock that bullshit out of the brain, because we are going to fill it with good thoughts and positive actions. Love ya, lady!

  4. Spelling is spot on, sea, just word order seems not to be correct. It should be:

    Nil carborundum illigitium: Don’t let the bastards grind you down.

    Very well said, sea.

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