For many, being different is good. For me, I often wonder if being different is worth it all.

I do not have the same political views as any of my family and most of my friends. Thankfully my friends respect the fact that I prefer not to talk about politics.

I am not the same sexual orientation as most people around me. Sometimes I wish I were. Maybe then I wouldn’t be alone still in my late 30s.

I no longer share the same religious views as my family.

Half of my family would love to tie me down to this city I was born and raised in. I feel trapped here.

It seems like I want the opposite of what everyone else wants. I want change. I want to be different.

I don’t really know what I want.


2 thoughts on “Different

  1. I think we all feel like this at one time or another, even if we fit into what society might call the “norm”…(which is a real joke). You know that you want something different than what other people want for you, and yet it would be so much easier to just be told what to do.

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