Back with Guns Blazing

There is little I tend to agree with when it comes to the inner workings of this country, but something I heard recently on NPR left me fuming.

I believe that this country has sunk to a new low when it allows individuals to use the First Amendment in anyway they see fit. I seriously doubt that our forefathers meant for the words of the Constitution to be used in the extreme manner it is used today. I may not agree with the war(s) in Iraq/Afghanistan, but I would never dream of disrespecting any one of the thousands of military personnelle by lying about serving in the military in any capacity. But aparently it is perfectly acceptable to lie to your friends and family – even complete strangers – simply because the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in California decided that “there is no proof these lies hurt anyone”. Physically? No. Few, if any, lies hurt people physically. But what about mental anguish caused by the disrespect of lying?? People sue others for mental anguish and that’s okay!! And it is perfectly acceptable to wave the banner of Free Speech and lie – disrespecting the thousands of people who serve this country and risk their own lives for the very people who are allowed to lie.

Thumbs up to all who cling so desperately to Free Speech. Better to have that than to have to curb your tongue.


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