Easter Weekend

We don’t really celebrate Easter much anymore – not like families with children do – so my Easter encompassed a whole weekend.

Friday I went to the hospital, as usual, but instead of working in the 3rd Floor Play Room, I joined other volunteers not usually there on Fridays with the petting zoo they had. I was under the impression that the city’s zoo would be providing the animals, but there is a small family-owned farm across the lake from the city which provided the animals. They do birthday parties, a summer camp and even provide a live reindeer for the local Christmas celebration.

They brought three lambs, three goats, four rabbits (one of which was a lion head rabbit), a baby pot bellied pig (humourously named ‘Bacon Bit’) and four Serama chickens (three hens and a rooster). They set up a pen and allowed the children in to interact with the animals. It was a lot of fun and I’m sure it was something the kids enjoyed.

On Saturday I went to my cousin’s to help with an Easter egg hunt. She and her boyfriend own land which they’re developing into a cemetery. They do a lot of family oriented events during the year to attract business. There was a nice turn out of probably 100 or more people. I brought India with me and we had fun being in charge of the prize table. We left around noon and spent the rest of the afternoon shopping. Yay.

Yesterday, my brother had to work so we didn’t go out to eat (which is about all we do these days now that we’re all adults) until after 3:30 which was good, really, because by then the restaurants weren’t crowded.