Progress vs. Regress

I love figure skating. Ice dancing more than any of the others, but when the Olympics roll around, I am glued to the television for the figure skating competition. Of course I watched most of the men’s competition last week and I am glad that Evan Lysacek won. Yevgeny Plushenko can bitch and moan all he wants. In my opinon, the regression of men’s figureskating came long before the 2010 Olympics.

I can remember watching figureskating in the 90s and watching men – and at least one female skater – do backflips on the ice. Now, according to an article I found on, the ISO made it illegal to perform in a backflip in competition “because the landing was made on two feet instead of one and was not a ‘real’ jump.” In my unlearned opinion, anyone who can vault themselves off a slippery surface, twist around or flip over, and land safely on one or both feet deserves something. I don’t care if you land on one foot or both feet, if you don’t end up on your ass and can continue moving in a fluid motion, why not give them credit??

Times are changing, Mr Plushenko, and perhaps you should either go along with the changes and not bitch and moan about it or quit skating.


One thought on “Progress vs. Regress

  1. Go get ’em lady! LOL…I agree. And as far as the back flip not being considered a “real” jump….you could not have worded it any better! Exactly! How is it not a “real” jump…it looks like they’re really jumping to me!

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