New Year New Adventures

Yesterday was my first day of volunteering at the local Children’s Hospital. I decided to volunteer back in November, but orientation and training plus the holidays meant I didn’t officially begin until 3 January. I was inspired to volunteer after reading a story on the Today show’s website about a little boy with a disease that causes muscle to turn to bone. I decided then that I wanted a life changing experience. I know some children I encounter will be deathly ill and some not so horribly ill. I hope that in some small way I can touch their lives and, in turn, be touched by them.

My volunteering is on Sunday afternoons from 2-5. There weren’t many available for visiting, but I managed to stay the whole three hours. At one point I thought I’d leave early and just reschedule a time to visit, perhaps on a busier day. I held an infant with a respiratory problem for about thirty minutes. I watched an array of emotions flit across his little face as he was tube fed and tried to sleep. Then I visited with a little 5 year old boy who had problems standing up. We coloured for a while then played with pseudo Legos. Not so fond of the fake Legos, but I guess you get what you can when it’s up to someone else to buy stuff. I had fun with him and only left when his dinner arrived.

I look forward to next weekend.


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