What am I missing?

I’ve debated all morning about whether to write this and now I am.

Today, President Barak Obama took time out of his busy schedule to talk to the children of this nation. He took the time to acknowledge the existence of the next generation as opposed to just talking about them. I could only wish that something like this had happened when I was growing up. The best I can remember is former president Reagan coming to town and going to the park near our house. We got to go, but I couldn’t tell you what it was he said because he was so far away and more than likely didn’t say much of anything that concerned me. Presidents rarely speak to children. When President Obama spoke to students he did so in a more comfortable manner. In a mode of communication children are familiar with.

And what did he say? He said take responsibility for your education. Go to class and pay attention. Don’t let your failures define who you are. YOU are the future of this country and you are needed.

Simple, straightforward. Nothing wrong with one thing he said.

Thing 1 and one co-worker were sitting in the kitchen a while ago and Thing 1 asked what the big deal was about. Having sat here and read most of what was going to be said in the speech, I decided to go tell them, naïvely believing that they’d simply say, “Oh! Okay, that’s not so bad.” I should know better than to ASSume I know anything about these people I work with. My co-worker responded with, “I don’t want him talking to my kids. It’s a parent’s responsibility to make kids go to school.” I guess he wouldn’t like it if one of his sons’ favourite tv characters visited their school and told the kids to stay in school and do what they’re told.

I don’t think I’ll be talking or interacting with any children in the future. I might influence them in the wrong way and then be hated by their parents. *sigh*