One year ago today, my family and I were at my cousin’s house a mere 45 minute drive from where we live, hunkered down awaiting Gustav. They have a huge house, so it’s not like we were all crammed in together, but it was still nerve-wracking. Especially with the weather alert radio blaring a loud beeping alarm whenever a tornado had touched down. It would go off even if one wasn’t headed our way because it’s a blanket alert system. Still, I was nervous enough sleeping at night – because I have not and hope to never experience a tornado – and to have that thing go off in the middle of the night scared the crap out of me. We spent nearly a week without electricity and if it weren’t for books, I’d have gone mad. Our next door neighbours stayed home for the storm and let us know by Friday of that week it was safe to return home. I hope it’s many more years before we have to repeat that scenario.


4 thoughts on “Anniversary

  1. And I hope it is MANY more years as well….don’t want to lose the best friend I’ve made on the internet! Thanks for sharing the story though…I can only imagine how nervewracking it was.

  2. :O! doesn’t seem like that long since. Am glad they have steered clear so far this season.

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