Beside Myself

I am just so surprised by what has happened today I felt compelled to document it here on my blog.

Briefly, for those of you who aren’t aware of my work situation, I work for a small architect firm with two bosses. Not long after I began working here, I felt compelled to write about things that happen here. After having work complaints online come back to bite me in the ass, I quickly learned that it’s best to use nicknames for those you wish to talk trash about. *laughs* So my bosses became Thing 1 and Thing 2 or T1 and T2 for short. T1 is high strung, anal and drives me nuts most often. T2 is loud, obnoxious and has a foul mouth. T2 will chat with anyone in this office at length about nearly anything, but he rarely holds a conversation with me.

This week T2 has been out of town so all of his work – much of it was due last week before he left – has fallen to me with the support of T1 and Big Daddy (a co-worker). Today I have managed to make T1 chuckle and receive a compliment from him.

This is the quick exchange that made him chuckle:

Me (walking into his office carrying a mega specifications book): Do you want me to return this to the jungle?
Him: What?
He sees what I’m holding and chuckles.
Me: Do you want me to put this back in T2’s office?
Him: No, just put it in my basket for now.

Then just moments ago, I received my compliment when I told him that I caught something that T2 had missed in the specification book I put together yesterday and today. It was slightly wrong, but he said it was a good try and it was better to have something wrong than something missing.


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  1. Not often you feel so positive about your work….Bet that made you feel good for the rest of the day

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