Crocs vs… What???

So I log into MSN this morning and discover a link to a story written by Steve Tuttle, a Newsweek journalist, who thinks he’s the cause of the potential downfall of Crocs. Now I get that when it comes to Crocs, people either love them or hate them. I happen to be in the ‘love them’ category and I don’t love them for fashion reasons. They’re functional. Why everything we put on our bodies has to look perfect is beyond me. But we’re talking about the original Crocs clog here. I think that Mr Tuttle missed the boat on the other styles that Croc manufactures, which don’t look nearly as ungainly as the clog. Of course, the alternative would be the Vibram Five Fingers, which, ignoring the name of a “shoe” designed for your feet where most people have toes as opposed to fingers, is so ugly I wouldn’t bury my own dead body in them. I think the designer of that gem is on crack or something… I mean really.

Thanks Mr Tuttle, but I’ll keep my Crocs if it’s all the same to you and you can prance around work/home/shopping in the Vibrams. I’m sure they look less like clown shoes to you.


4 thoughts on “Crocs vs… What???

  1. lol, Crocs are a crazy craze over here, but most people that I know who wear them do so for funtionality, some of the nurses at work in recovery wear them…… i on the other hand have to wear my German made Klempff-de-houselhoffen or summit like that, cos i have size 12 feetz

  2. Those are horrible! Not the Crocs, the other things. Thought I had seen the ugliest shoes in creationo at school, but those take the biscuit. The one’s that were the ugliest before are some that have a separate big toe section, which to me makes the wearer’s feet look like cloven hooves.

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