What I want to know is why two very simple and extraordinarily inexpensive options are being completely ignored when it comes to making changes to the healthcare system.

First, lower the cost of prescription medication. Hasn’t anyone noticed that despite Canada’s so-called bad heathcare system, thousands of people in the US flock to Canada (usually via the internet) to buy prescription medications because they’re far cheaper??? We all know it’s possible to lower the cost of prescription medication because it’s half done now. Why not end these ridiculous prescription assistance programs and lower the costs across the board for everyone??

Second – and this is something that has to come from the average Joe Q. Patient – people need to quit clogging up the Emergency Rooms of hospitals nationwide with problems that don’t require an ER visit. More after hours care clinics should be built and those who merely think they need the ER should be directed to these clinics rather than allowing them to wait in the ER. People complain constantly about the wait time in the ER, but guess what! YOU are the problem and the solution.

I’m no expert, so my thoughts would be largely ignored – the primary reason I never voice my opinion on any of these matters to anyone resembling a government representative – but these two solutions seem overly simplistic and cost saving to me.


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