101 Things About Me, Part 53

I love tea and even have my own electric kettle. 😀

I drink hearty English tea – like Yorkshire Tea – with milk and two Splendas.

I also love herbal teas and have made an interesting discovery today. I prefer loose tea to tea bags (herbal only). A few weeks ago, India, JJ and I visited a shop in the French Quarter called Bottom of the Cup Tea Room where I purchased a small sample bag of Egyptian Chamomile tea. Last week while I was at the supermarket, I purchased a box of Celestial Seasonings Chamomile tea and had a mug of it yesterday. I couldn’t finish it. It didn’t taste right. This morning I brewed some with the loose tea I still have and finished the whole thing.

Loose herbal tea is much prefered to bagged.

And I also have a habit that drives a certain person around the bend… I tend to let my tea get cold and still drink it. Including the aforementioned Yorkshire Tea. LOL

And NO I do not drink coffee. Never will.

6 thoughts on “101 Things About Me, Part 53

  1. Hey, it ain’t me tells you off for drinking cold tea. I drink herbal/fruit teas mainly and they are just as pleasant cold as hot. 😀

  2. And when you visit next year we will have to have a visit to Atkinson’s tea and coffee shop

  3. When I went to the Ren Fest recently, we stopped at one of the shops and purchased some stress relief tea. It is an herbal blend that has lemon balm, bay, catnip, celery seed, chamomile, ginseng, wild cherry, motherwort, passion flower, skullcap, and yarrow in it.

    Now, normally, I don’t drink tea, (which is tantamount to blasphemous living in the South, as I am sure you know), but I do like this stuff.


  4. It’s only blasphemous in the South if you don’t drink iced tea. With enough sugar in it to give you a diabetic coma. LOL

    I dunno if I could drink something with catnip in it. I mean yeah it’s listed in my herbal tea gardening book, but… I just can’t.

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