Kiss, Kiss… Hug, Hug… Tongue, Tongue?

I just had the best lunch hour (okay 45 minutes) in I don’t know how long.

I haven’t mentioned him in ages, but Big Daddy and his wife (who works here part time) usually take lunch with the rest of the production staff. Today Big Daddy told me that I could take his lunch break at 11.45 as he and his wife have to go to the auto repair shop at 1.30 to pick up her car. So… India and JJ and I walked across the street to Subway for lunch.

Now I don’t know how the guy does it, but no matter how much talking he does – and believe me, it’s a lot – JJ always manages to finish his meal rather quickly. And we rarely even realise he’s taken one bit til he’s wrapping up the paper the food came on. He did it again today and I’m still working on figuring out how he manages.

So while India and I were still eating, I directed the conversation to lay-over flights and Customs when flying into/through Europe. That then led to a rant by India regarding the lack of on-time flights in and out of Frankfurt, Germany. She talked about her visit with her friend last summer in Germany and how the departing flight was delayed by three hours and no one bothered to tell her – or anyone else on the flight. As she conveyed what had happened, she mentioned that her friend had been with her, but then left because she could not accompany India all the way to the gate. They parted at the security area and India said, “You know, we said our good-byes… kiss, kiss… hug, hug…” And JJ pipes in with, “Tongue, tongue?” My eyes got big and I just stared at him before bursting out with laughter. I’m not quite sure what was said after that because I was too busy hiding my face – which I was sure had turned the colour of my vivid red top – but I do recall JJ asking for a moment to picture the results of his statement combined with hers.

There’s never a dull moment when JJ’s around. I just wish he would join us for dinner and such more often. It was surely the highlight of my day!!!


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