Thanks to all who voiced support regarding my friend’s status here in the States. Happily she has not over-stayed by too much so everything should be okay, she just needs to return to her home country to continue the process of getting a new student visa. Hopefully then that will turn into a work visa later this year. We’ve both contacted our state senator to inform her of the gross negligence of the university she attended which did not inform her of her situation to the fullest extent. Nor did they hire very competent people to run the international student affairs office. We’re both of the opinion that anyone working with internationals at any level – be they students or employees – should know or have fingertip access to as much information as an immigration lawyer has. Hopefully contacting the senator will put in motion the necessary changes. I, however, plan to go above state level in the event that it’s not only something which happens here in Louisiana. It’s definitely something that the US Immigration Office needs to be aware of and take action on.

I would encourage others who either live near a university, or know someone who works at one, or if you just feel like helping out in this cause to do so in any way.


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  1. Yes, me too.

    Visas are a pain – I once had the opposite problem and had to stay in Russia three weeks longer than I’d intended because the school I was working for neglected to sort out my exit visa. It all worked out OK in the end, and I’m sure it will for your friend too.

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