New Thoughts on Immigration

I’m quite sure I’ve mentioned this on previous posts, but my friend India is not a naturalised citizen of this country. She came here as a student to study architecture at one of the universities here in Louisiana. Since graduating, she’s been working here and waiting/attempting to gain a work visa to be able to remain here for an extended period of time. She’s recently been in contact with an immigration lawyer and with a more local university (in an attempt to regain student status because our beloved employer is dragging his ass so slowly to get things done for her that I’m getting a chapped hide) and has now discovered that she has quite possibly been working here in the US illegally. The reason is because she was given bad information regarding an appeal for reconsideration for an application to have her original student visa extended by 17 months. The international office at the first university she attended did not inform her that while she was waiting for our slow-motion government to review her appeal, she was to quit working here.

Now I am all for ridding this country of the illegal immigrants who think they can work freely here and not have to pay in any way, but for those who wish to do things legally, I don’t see how they manage to do it when those who should know all the ins and outs of immigration, don’t know shit. I think one of the main things the US Immigration Office needs to do is educate the people to whom foreigners go to for help in emmigrating to this country.


One thought on “New Thoughts on Immigration

  1. Absolutely agree with what you’re saying. Better handling of student and work visas is a must for any nation who’s motto is “Give us your poor, your weak, your huddled masses yearning to be free.” You’d think we’d have figured out a way to streamline the process enough to the point where people who want the visas can get them and solid information about when they expire.

    I have a friend from Canada who goes round and round with the Immigration office every time she has to renew her visa. And its usually for the same thing again and again. Don’t see why they have to make people jump through hoops, except to gratify their own egos.

    I’ve rambled enough. Good post.


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