Motel 6 and Redneck Camping

Well, it’s the Monday after a weekend away. Oh the tales to tell!!

Last November, India and I went to Vicksburg, MS so that she could see what an American Battlefield looks like. It was an all day affair on the Saturday with just lazing around the rest of the time we were there, although we took our time coming home on that Sunday. We enjoyed it so much that we decided to do it again and we went this weekend just gone.

This time I had the hair-brained idea to try to find one of the last remaining locations of a functioning drive-in movie theatre. I should’ve known better and done more extensive research, but I merely verified the alleged existence of one in Hattiesburg, Mississippi and we made plans.

We left Friday morning and had a nice leisurely drive two hours away. Once there, we checked into the Motel 6. It was a tight squeeze because while we were waiting to be helped, the woman behind the counter was telling someone else that there were no rooms available for Saturday night because a softball team had booked 60 rooms. When our turn came to check-in, though, the woman tried to book us in the same room for two nights and presto! I’m thinking she liked us better. LOL

When we’d moved our stuff into the room, we went in search of the drive-in to see what was playing. We found it, alright, a tad deserted. :o( So much for that idea. We then went to Dairy Queen and made complete gluttons of ourselves. After a hamburger and fries, we each had this afterward. It was complete glutinous heaven. LOL We didn’t do much of anything the rest of the evening, except take a trip to the local Walmart to see if they had anything interesting in clothing. They didn’t.

We went to bed relatively late Friday night – around midnight – but got rudely awakened at 1:30 by some dipshit on a motorcycle who decided it was just a joke to rev his Harley in the parking lot while everyone was asleep. India leapt out of bed and flung open the door and asked him if he was going to be leaving again soon. I didn’t hear what he said in response, but I caught something about her not being able to take a joke. She shouted, “You’re the joke asshole!” and shut the door again.

Saturday we went in search of some sort of hiking trail for the DeSoto National Forest which Hattiesburg sits on the northern edge of… only to have to settle for a small recreational area to wander around. Still, it was a nice area. We wandered around the lake’s edge following a mostly cemented trail which then tapered off into a natural trail about 2 feet wide. We followed that part around til we came to a bridge that was blocked off by a tree which had fallen over it. While we stood there deciding whether or not to try getting around the tree, we heard this soft barking-like sound coming from an area off to our right. India said at first that she thought it was a baby alligator, but as the noice continued, we decided that it was something else that made a similar noise. So we turned around and left. We didn’t run, because neither of us was really scared. We just turned and went back the way we’d come.

After our commune with nature, we returned to “civilization” and again, did nothing. LOL It was so nice.

We went to bed a little earlier on Saturday night, but it was fraught with loads of insensitive, rude people who spoke far too loudly in the parking lot and drove around with music loud and thumping. Then, the arrival of the softball team and the kids who were running along the balcony outside our room, calling out room numbers in search of their own.

Sunday morning we left relatively early, planning a detour south to drive along Highway 90 which paralells the beach for the entire width of Southern Mississippi. We stopped at one point to walk out to the end of a pier which was lovely because it was rather windy. Next we stopped at the Hard Rock Casino to check things out. I’d never been there before as it was the hotel/casino which had just been completed when Hurricane Katrina decided she didn’t like it and wiped it off the beach. They’ve since rebuilt, of course, so I wanted to see what it was like. It’s a very nice, brightly lit place with loads of donated items from musicians, but also art featuring them and their music playing in the background. Unfortunately, they do not accept a college ID as proof of age (even with DOB printed on it) so we were – or rather India was – denied entry into the gaming area. *rolls eyes* I think it’s a bunch of bs. I mean if anyone’s going to get a fake ID, they’re not going to get a fake college ID, but a fake state ID.

I got home around 6 in the evening and that was the end of our little getaway.

Oh and the title of this entry is in reference to the people staying below us who whipped out a small barbeque pit and started grilling right in the parking lot. LOL That was the first thing that came to mind when I saw them. Redneck camping.


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  1. Sounds like you two had a pretty good time, despite the rednecks, the thumping bass, and the jerkoff on the motorcycle. Glad you got a chance to get away for a couple of days.

    Be well,

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