Pictures of the Past

I could not have been more than 10 when I first met Drummer Girl. It was while I was still a church-going Christian that we met. We were inseperable as friends. Unfortunately the church I attended was one that saw many of the staff departing after a few years after being students of the local seminary. Drummer Girl’s father was the music director of the church for a while, then when his studies were completed, he and his family moved away. There were four kids altogether, with Drummer Girl as the eldest.

Not long after they moved away, Drummer Girl’s mom died of cancer. I was devistated because I had been close to the whole family. Their initial move away from here took them to a town in Alabama, but after DG’s mom died, they moved up to Michigan. I lost contact with the family for many years. I think it was our second trip to Walt Disney World in 1989 (or so) where we met them all again for dinner while they were visiting the area. It was great to see all of them again, but DG and I weren’t able to spend any significant amount of time together because we were only meant to have dinner with our families.

In the 90s, Drummer Girl got in touch with me. By this time her father had remarried and the two of them were in town for a convention and we got to meet his new wife. I didn’t like her from the start. It’s not anything even to this day that I can point to and say ‘This is why I don’t like Wife #2.’ I just don’t like her. I’m sure it’s because I was so close to the kids that I have some understanding of how they must’ve felt with a new woman as their mother. It was while her parents were in town that I was able to talk to Drummer Girl for the first time in years. We exchanged emails and chats and phone calls for a short while, but then lost contact again.

Somehow she found me again not long before I moved to California in 2003 – I think she found me on MySpace – and we kept in touch for a short while again. By this time, she had moved to New York and had a rather decent job, with a band on the side. Somewhere along the way she’d put herself through college by teaching piano and then learned to play the drums herself. Then she and some friends formed a band.

And so our story brings us to the present. Yesterday I get home from work and EB’s going through the mail and discovers a card from DG’s parents. A sort of ‘hi how are ya?’ card, but it mentions that Drummer Girl is now out of prison. I think that’s the second time she’s been in, if I remember correctly. EB was quick to point out the fact that she’d been in prison because she dislikes Drummer Girl almost as much as her mortal enemy (one of her own sisters). She has despised everything about Drummer Girl. She always enjoys when DG is being true to the nature that EB recognised in her when DG was a child. In short, EB gloats about being right.

It wasn’t until later that I read the card myself and saw that one of DG’s sister’s was mentioned as well. I’m just tired of it all. Tired of EB’s gloating.


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  1. (((((Skatha)))))
    can you guess why I don’t visit mine so much?
    If you aren’t in their company they can’t be like that.

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