101 Things About Me, Part 50

It’s funny how different things will trigger thought patterns. Last night I was watching the new episode of Ghost Hunters where they paid a visit to Edith Wharton’s house The Mount in Lenox, Mass. As previously mentioned somewhere in this list, I have a degree in English and as Ms Wharton was one of the pre-eminent authors of this country, I was certain that I’d read some of her work in college. I kept most of the texts we read so I went to my bookcase to scan the titles to find which of hers I’d read. Turns out that I haven’t actually read any of her books; I was confusing Edith Wharton with Willa Cather.

Anyway, as I was scanning the book spines, I discovered a book I had that I could get rid of now as I really don’t have the same avid interest in the topic as I once did. However, it did remind me of something that I could add to this list. Something few people know about me. If I had a more scientific mind, I would have pursued a job with the CDC (Centers for Disease Control for you non-Americans). More specifically, working with the highly infectious diseases such as Ebola, Hantavirus and even HIV.

3 thoughts on “101 Things About Me, Part 50

  1. That’s the thing with scientific minds, you either have them or you don’t. It’s like musical talent. Me, I have neither.

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