A Counter-balance

While I am still livid (see post below) I thought I’d try to balance that negativity with something  amusing. Hence, I snatched this off of Girl Thursday‘s blog.

Kasey Needs Meme:

Go to Google. Type in your first name followed the word: needs. List the first ten search results.

1. Kasey needs new friends.
2. Kasey needs a punishment.
3. Does Kasey need to be medicated?
4. Kasey needs a beer.
5. Kasey needs to have a good year.
6. Kasey needs a home!
7. Kasey needs your prayers.
8. Kasey’s getting a sidekick tomorrow and needs your numbers.
9. Kasey needs home asap.
10. ???

Well that was a bummer. Didn’t get all 10. Google sux. LOL I would agree with 5 6 and 9. I also like #2 but it depends on whose dolling out the punishment. =P But I vehemently disagree with #4. I don’t drink beer a-tall.


3 thoughts on “A Counter-balance

  1. Have you done the “unfortunately” one. Where you key in Unfortunately and then your name? The results can be pretty funny.

  2. need a home? come to chicago (in 2 months)!!! i’ve had the randomest things happen this year and all those random things are coming together. so weird… oh man, i feel like i’m corrupting your grammar clean blog. what do u mean need a home lol?

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