Head Meet Brick Wall

I swear it’s taking all my will power right now to not walk outside and bang my head on the brick wall. Just hit til there’s nothing left. I am that frustrated.

The most minor issue is work. I should know better than to seal up any small FedEx parcels where T2 is involved because inevitably he will forget to enclose something and the packaging will have to be sliced open and taped closed again. *rolls eyes* But that would require only one good head bang.

Then, there’s everything going on in this godforsaken country and our economy, or lack thereof. I was listening to NPR this morning as I usually do driving to and from work when I heard The Sloan Session on Marketplace. In the report, the latest spending fiasco (in my opinion) was discussed: companies who are spending bail-out money on frivolous things. The big sales meetings were defended as a necessity to make sure companies are all on the same page, whatever. I can accept that, but there is absolutely no need for these companies to fly their employees across country to enjoy a week of playing around Las Vegas or otherwise sight seeing in other cities. They can have sales meetings right where they are. It astounds me how little these corporations seem to care that WE are the ones bailing their asses out of the sling its in.

But the biggest reason for head to meet brick wall is because with each passing day, I feel my dream slipping through my fingers. I want to migrate to the UK to live and work, yet the doors are being slammed in my face. They don’t want outsiders. Maybe everyone should go back to their country of birth and all “borders” be closed down to ALL immigration. Cut off trading to and make every country isolate itself.


2 thoughts on “Head Meet Brick Wall

  1. Wonder where on earth I would end up then…knowing from my family’s name that I have german roots, but from mine and my son’s colouring…we have med roots…so where hould I go…rt does it only hold so many generations back?

  2. Well, considering you were born where you live, you’d stay put. If you were born in Germany then you’d go back there, but since you weren’t born there, you wouldn’t have to go back.

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