If you are sensitive to discussion of sex and sexuality, then you are hereby forewarned that you might not want to read the following post. It is not explicit in nature, by any means, but I know there are some who find it uncomfortable to read about any sort of sexual situations. You will not offend me in the least if you do not read what I have written. Hell, I won’t even know you’ve passed this post by. However, if you are a first time reader, do not mistake this post for being something that is the norm here. I like talking about anything and everything under the sun. This single post represents but a small portion of what I write about.

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Yesterday afternoon, I spent over two hours talking to a new friend. She and I have chatted off and on since maybe November and every time we’ve managed to catch one another online, we’ve had interesting discussions. She’s a Lesbian, like myself, and it’s been nice to develop a friendship, albeit one that’s got some distance, as she lives in England.

The conversation yesterday was a very enlightening one. First of all, I have to say that the woman is definitely in the wrong profession. I will not say who her current employer is, but it is not who she should be working for. If she had the money, she told me outright that she would love to own a costume for hire shop. She’d probably also offer make-up tips as she shared with me some photos of costuming she’s done in the past and let me tell you… she’s got talent. And I don’t mean everyday sort of make up, but the kind Hollywood is famous for… For being an amateur, she’s brilliant.

Later in the conversation, it turned somewhat sexual when I gave a hearty “Yes ma’am!” to something she’d said. That was just a typical response as I was born and raised in the South. There’s a lot of yes ma’am and yessir around here if you were brought up properly. But my response made her laugh. As the conversation progressed, she revealed that in the past she’s dabbled with the D/s (Dominant/submissive) lifestyle and is very much a Domme. She prefers to be in control. Apparently both in the bedroom and outside the bedroom. While I’ve never fully engaged in a D/s relationship, I’ve explored it thoroughly and know what is at the heart of a true D/s relationship: implicit trust.

Most people who have never experienced or known a couple in a D/s relationship think it’s just about giving up control of your life on the part of the submissive. While a submissive does give control of their lives (on whatever level the couple agrees to) over to another, the submissive does so with complete and utter trust that their Dominant partner does not take control to exploit or use the submissive to harmful purposes. And the Dominant partner takes control with the understanding that she (or he) is completely responsible for another’s life. In a D/s relationship, there is a level of trust that goes far deeper than most people realise.

I’ve personally never gotten into a D/s relationship because most of the women I’ve met online who claim to want it are only playing a game. They have no clue about the reality of the lifestyle. Most of the time I feel I am a dominant personality, but I think under the right circumstances, if the unconditional love is there and the implicit trust is there, I would definitely be submissive toward another woman. But then I think about the freedoms I’d give up and I’m not so sure.


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  1. My personality is strong but no where near dominant. However I fall closer to dominant than I do submissive.

    I’m the equal type person. Life, sex, and everything in between.

    Great post, great thought 🙂

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