Surrounded by Zombies!

I admit it. I’m a WoW player. But I’m beginning to fear the game…

Last November, Blizzard Entertainment, owner of WoW, released a second expansion to the game. The few weeks leading up to the November 13th release was one full of insane chaos in the game as it morphed into something new to accommodate the story line additions of the expansion. The biggest event featured the presence of zombies and the mass chaos that ensued.

Now that it’s all over with, I still feel the presence of zombies outside of WoW. I’ve seen zombie invasion survival guides at the bookshop. A week or two ago, pranksters hacked into some traffic alert signs in Austin alerting drivers to the presence of zombies up ahead. Then, this morning I’m driving to work, listening to NPR as I usually do, when I hear mention zombie banks.



3 thoughts on “Surrounded by Zombies!

  1. Braaaaaaaaaaaiinss!!

    I used to love doing the zombie thing when I was a kids. My mates and I like watching B-movie horror, with a good sprinkling of zombies, a dash of werewolves and, of course, the ubiquitous vampire.

    And then suddenly, Hollywood and everyone else caught on. Far from the Vincent Price, late-night shlock, such films turned into box offices hits.

    Fun though they are, I still like the B-movies with bad make-up 🙂

  2. Sometimes I feel like a zombie. Shuffling through life with a blank stare and a hunger I can’t satisfy.

    Ah well. (Un)Life goes on.

    Still Alive, Despite All Evidence to the Contrary

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