Random Statements

Who knew random statements could be so confusing?? I surely didn’t. Last night I had to go to CVS for some personal items and as I was standing at the check out, the guy behind the counter noticed the graphic and statement on my purse.

It’s one I got whilst in England last year after being introduced to the quirky artist by a former friend. Edward Monkton is the quirkiest artist I’ve ever known of, yet some of his stuff is quite profound.  My purse has this on it:


Because of the size of the purse, though, the image on the top portion is on one side, with the poem on the other side. So the guy at CVS read aloud: “The Deadly Donkey.” Once I flipped over my purse and let him read the other side, he says, “Oh. Right. I was kinda confused by that totally random statement ‘the deadly donkey’.” Really? Randomness confuses you?