A New Me

In three days I will be 37. The older I get, the less I really care about my birthday. Last year was fantastic, because I went to England. We didn’t do anything extra-ordinary, but the fact that I wasn’t stuck yet again celebrating with my parents was a HUGE improvement for me. Not to mention I got a pile of books as gifts. 😀

This year, though, I’m going for a new look. Since college, I’ve just lived with the long straight look. The only minor change was going from all of it being one length to having fringe again. This time I’m getting a more dramatic cut. All of it is going to be shorter than I’ve ever had it. I’m quite excited about it. I just figured it’s time for a change. I’m going for a short shag look. Tomorrow’s the big day.

Unfortunately I won’t be posting any photos here, so you’ll either have to check my Facebook photo album if we’re connected there, or… I can make other arrangements via email.

The birthday I’m really looking forward to is #42. I stole the idea from an acqaintance on a forum. She celebrated her 42nd birthday in Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy style. 😀 (If you’ve read the book, you’ll understand. If you haven’t read the book, go out and buy it or borrow it, cos I ain’t explaining!)


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