Clearing Out the Mental Waste

Well damn if it isn’t already 2009. A new year, full of new beginnings, right? Yeah well, the holiday cynicism hasn’t washed off yet so I’m going to set aside the outlook for the new year for a bit longer.

Due to the pressure of reading someone else’s blog, though, I have managed to squeeze out two resolutions for the new year. Possibly a third but that requires me overcoming my fear of killing things. More on that later…


Resolution #1: Attempt, in all good faith, to learn a new language. Preferably something other than the mainstream languages. I’m thinking Welsh. Yes, Welsh will do just fine. Especially since I’ve fallen in love with Wales after reading books by Sharon Kay Penman. I would dash out and buy the Rosetta Stone software with which to accomplish this task, but, as yet, I don’t have the extra bazillion dollars that RS costs. So, I’m going to go for the cheaper $25US version I saw at Borders not long ago.

Resolution #2: Find a new job. I’m tired of the mental drain this current job is causing. I feel dumber now than when I started working here. Seriously. I need something mentally stimulating and this half-assed teaching me about the administrative side of architecture ain’t cuttin’ it.

Resolution #2.5: Start my tea garden. Growing my own plants to make herbal teas from. To then give as gifts…


2 thoughts on “Clearing Out the Mental Waste

  1. You said: “Due to the pressure of reading someone else’s blog […]

    I certainly hope you don’t feel any pressure about reading my blog. I don’t think I’ve given anyone any reason to feel pressure when reading my blog. Not intentionally anyway.

    As to your resolutions, I’ve always wanted to learn another language. I took about three classes (1 week) of French in college, then got disgusted with it as the professor assumed that everyone in the class had taken French in high school. She was actually surprised to learn that wasn’t the case. I dropped the class at that point.

    And I agree, the Rosetta Stone software is horrifyingly expensive for no real reason that I can see.

    Hope to talk with you soon.

  2. Nah your blog is pretty pressure free, as is this other person’s. I just felt sort of like… Wow! I did nothing substantial in 2008! But I did finally remember a little belatedly (today) that I actually DID accomplish something worthwhile in 2008. First, I finished paying back the $3,000 I owed my mother for the down-payment on my car. Second, I paid off a different debt that I’ve owed. 😀

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