Holiday Wrap Up

Well here we are three days til the end of 2008 and I’m back once again to blather about the holidays. I will happily admit that they were not as bad as I feared, though far from perfect. Right along with the predicted gifts – for which I was supposed to feign surprise *rolls eyes* – came an equal number of totally unexpected surprises.

Last Tuesday was our work party. We all showed up for work in the morning and by noon we were heading over to a neighbourhood bar that we’d gone to last year. It was open bar and there was catering to go along with it. It was a bit better this year because India was there this time; last year she went to see her parents. We had a fun time until the outside crowd came in and started puffing away on their cigarettes. Last year we had the whole place to ourselves until we were finished, but this year they let others in long before we were ready to go, which made it kinda crappy.

Also this year Thing 1 wasn’t able to get as plastered as he did last year or the year before. Both years he and his wife got so trashed that neither of them can say to this day who drove home. All I can say is that I’m glad I don’t live in the same direction as they do. They go east to go home, I go west. But this year they had to curb the drinking (a smidge) because they were having family over on Christmas Eve and didn’t want to be dealing with a hangover with grandchildren around. Thing 2 on the other hand got more plastered than I remember him being from the last two years. It was especially amusing to see him trying to be serious about things when he was wasted.

We are one of the few companies out there who still get holiday bonuses. The only one I’ve ever worked at that’s given them, too. In the past, T2 has just handed everyone an envelope with a simple, “Thanks for your hard work.” This year, though, he took everyone into a private room at the bar to thank them individually. When my turn came, I was thanked for my hard work, then he went off on some ridiculous tangent about things I have nothing to do with in the office. Then he said something that made me want to laugh, cry and scream in frustration all at once. He actually thanked me for my work ethic of showing up every day as they request of us. While this may sound good and is mostly based on my work ethic, it’s also a load of bullshit. I show up every day, no matter how I feel, because I have no choice in the matter. We don’t have sick days we’re allowed. If I get sick and don’t show up for work, I don’t get paid. Everyone else in the office, on the other hand, can skip a regular work day and come in on Friday (when we’re not open for business) to make up for time lost. They’re constantly working on projects so they’re never without something to do. In my case most of the time I have nothing to do and would have even less to do on a Friday when no one else is here. So is it really fair to call something a work ethic even though most of the time I feel that I have no choice in the matter??

The rest of my holiday was highlighted by the fact that the gifts I received from friends actually had thought behind them, whereas I have to actually tell my family what I want. More of what I received will appear on my other blog.