A Rare Event

It’s actually snowing in New Orleans…. It’s sticking to the ground in only a few places, but it’s wonderful to watch it coming down…

More Snow!
Do you believe me now?


3 thoughts on “A Rare Event

  1. Bet you loved the snow that fell here whilst you were here. To me it was nothing really, but if you rarely see snow I can see the magical appeal. Granted it made walking dangerous for me, that is probably why I didn’t enjoy it

  2. being north of you (but not high arctic or anything) we see this phenomenon more than enough; last winter saw roughly 10 feet worth according to the weather office. (pictures on my FB and blog). this winter, thus far, has seen only minimal snow. and this year would be the one where we have a snowblower now! the weather office says that this year is actually going to repeat last winter. i hope not.
    love your new home here. take care and happy holidays to you.

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