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I bet none of you knew Ebenezer Scrooge has a sister. Well he does. It’s me. Fancy a real life flesh-and-blood character being related to a fictional character, but stranger things have happened in this world, folks. Believe me.

Fact is, I no longer really care about Christmas.

Reason 1: It’s way over-done commercially speaking. The constant carol playing in malls and stores from Black Friday through the new year make me insane. The fact that stuff like this happens and people are inconvenienced by it tells me that the spirit of giving has been replaced by the spirit of the cheapest deal.

Reason 2: My mother bitches and moans from Black Friday til Xmas Eve about the shopping she’s had to do for everyone. All my dad has ever had to do is shop for her gifts. She complains because others in her office have chosen an expensive place to have their Christmas party rather than being conscientious about cost. Hate to break it to her, but not everyone in the office is a tightwad like she is. On top of it all, she makes a big deal about nothing being a surprise gift any more. Well, here’s a hint: You know me (or at least pretend to) and you have an entire year to listen to things I say I want, but don’t buy and then snatch them up. But it’s too much to make an effort beyond the few weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas Day to shop with Christmas in mind. It doesn’t take a genius to truly surprise someone at Christmas, it only takes effort.

Reason 3: I had hoped that by the time I reached my late 30s I’d have someone significant in my life to share the holidays with. I dreamed of having friends over for meals and just an evening of fun. I dreamed of having someone to buy special gifts for; to lead her on a silly little scavenger hunt to find her gift. Instead I’m alone. Yes I have friends, but that’s all I have. And none of the ones I want to spend time with are anywhere near me geographically.

So those are my reasons. Of course #3 is the biggest reason.

I don’t want to stay like this, hating Christmas more than any other time of year. I know I used to love and truly enjoy it. I want to go back to that time and find happiness again in a season of giving. I want to have my Polar Express moment.

“It doesn’t matter where the train is going.
What matters is deciding to get on.”


2 thoughts on “Ms Scrooge

  1. I hate Christmas, too, but for slightly different reasons. We simply don’t have the money to even afford small gifts or stocking stuffers this year. Yeah, I know, I’m contributing to the commercialization of Christmas. It’s true. But I have a good reason.

    It’s not my holiday. For me, its simply a time to give and get gifts from those who care about me (whoever they are).

    Your mileage may vary.

    Your Pal,

    P.S.- You’ll find that special woman one day. When I was single, I despaired of ever finding anyone to spend time with. As soon as I stopped looking is when I met my wife. ~Goon

  2. You are definitely noot alone. I have to work really hard to get event slightly enthused about Christmas. The main reason why I make the effort is because of my son.

    I do know what you mean about the special someone as well. I am pretty much the same age as you and I don’t expect to meet anyone any time soon.

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