It Wasn’t Me

So I’m sitting here at work, stuck working on a stinkin’ Friday, when I log onto Yahoo and find one of their Featured Stories is regarding the recent Black Friday death of a man who worked at Wal-Mart. The 34 year old man was 6′-5″ and 270 pounds and was no match for a crazed mob of shoppers. I’m sure you’ve heard the story by now.

The video story on Yahoo about the incident is from ABC News and as the reporter began, I notice the wording below the woman’s face asked the question ‘Was Wal-Mart ad to blame?’ Wal-Mart didn’t trample that man to death. Shopping obsessed individuals who couldn’t simply side-step a Wal-Mart greeter were the ones to blame. But, since we can’t point our finger at one individual as the culprit and finding and charging every individual who charged through that door isn’t feasible, we do the next best thing: blame the corporate entity involved. And of course we sue because America is the Land of Tort Litigation. After all, we sue McDonald’s because their coffee is hot (which it should be unless it’s iced) or we sue for our own stupidity.

The fact of the matter is that as tragic as this young man’s death was, it’s a symbol of the times we Americans live in. We’re more concerned with material things than someone’s life. We don’t want to accept blame for something so senseless… something that didn’t really need to happen. For those who would argue against my statement about being more concerned with material things than someone’s life, please explain to me why shoppers in the store were upset when local police shut the store and wouldn’t let anyone out until their investigation was complete. They complained about the incovenience to them.


2 thoughts on “It Wasn’t Me

  1. What a shame. My heart goes out to the family of the slain man. It doesn’t surprise me, however, that today’s shoppers, especially in Wal-Mart, don’t care about anyone but themselves. It’s a trend that’s been growing not just in retail outlets, but in society in general.

    I can only complain about this, I have no practical solutions to the problem, except to reduce the amount of advertising we are exposed to. I doubt that would be allowed, but I live for the day when there are less advertisements.


  2. I agree that it was really senseless, but I don’t think it’s because our society’s degenerating… or the amount of ads. People have always been more concerned with themselves. Unless they’re rich off their ass (and thus depressed because they don’t have anything to hope for since they have everything they could want), what they want comes first. If one person were responsible for this guy’s death, then he/she would definitely feel bad… but with the economy so bad, and so many other people tramping on this guy, Walmart’s going to get the blame.

    I’m a cynic… It’s just how we are. The spirit of Black Friday made it more acceptable that these people trampled this guy, but not the reason. Wealth is relative, poor people and cheap bastards will always exist. These type of things will just happen. And there’s nothing wrong with caring about yourself first. If everyone took care of their own shit, the world would be such a better place. (Still a horrible thing that this guy got killed though…)

    Btw, I’m noticing that this blog is for ppl very serious about grammar… so I apologize for my poor grammar…

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