Sometimes, when doctors and scientists create a new drug or vaccine which is supposed to prevent or cure a disease, those who take the drug or are otherwise administered the drug fall ill anyway and die. It is a very unfortunate situation and I would never wish someone to die in that manner, but it happens regardless of how I feel.

In most of those cases, though, I am quite sure that those of us who hear about their deaths don’t know the whole story. We only hear of someone’s death which was related to a drug or vaccine. The fact of the matter is that many people don’t tell their doctors the whole story. Many people don’t inform their doctors of treatments they may already be taking for something completely unrelated. If we all did that, there wouldn’t be a constant need to remind people that you should always disclose all aspects of your medical history with your physician. They do, though, because I have heard it often enough. So with these deaths from a vaccine, there quite possibly could’ve been a lack of communication on the part of the doctors and their patients about not only drugs already being taken, but also of allergies to certain medications.

While I am no ace in science – I barely scraped through in school – I do vaguely recall learning that when chemicals mix, there can be catastrophic results if the wrong chemicals are mixed together in the wrong way. So it’s quite possible that these so-called deaths due to the vaccination were, in fact, due to there not being a full disclosure of drugs already being taken and a resulting catastrophic mixture of two or more chemicals in a body.

Each death that happens as a direct or indirect result of a vaccination or other medication should never be trivialised and that’s not, in any way, what I’m attempting to do. But to say that a vaccination should be taken off the market because a very small percentage of vaccinated individuals died off vaccination-related complications and that “even one death is too many” is rather ignorant. Especially if you know only a small part of the story. Nearly every vaccination and/or drug created in this world has resulted in deaths. That’s a very unfortunate “side-effect” of the world of medicine that doesn’t seem to be avoidable.


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  1. I haven’t heard any official scandal, and one report I managed to dig up said the deaths could not be linked to the vaccine. I think I see another Autism-MMR incident in the pipeline.

    You have a very good perspective of the situation. Having part of the story led to the Autism-MMR debacle; doubtless there’ll be a ‘Mothers-Against-HPV-Vaccine’ group organised all of whom will doubtless hold advanced degrees in Homebrew Medicine.

    Sorry, sounding cynical. And yes, deaths or not, vaccines are better than the alternative. If a vaccine had a 1% mortality rate, and the disease 10%, you would STILL use the vaccine.

  2. Thanks for your response LDK. The fact of the matter is my mother bases her opinions not on facts that she digs up on the Internet – though she is more than capable of doing so – but on what she hears from others. And I know these “others” would never consider looking at statistics or anything.

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