This morning on my way to work, I stopped at the post office to pick up what I thought was going to be 1 parcel; something I was expecting from Sea. Turns out that I had 4 items waiting for me in a safety locker. *grins*

First, of course, was the parcel from Sea, which is a small block of cheese. When I visited her in January, I discovered Red Leicester cheese. I enjoyed it so much I decided to search for it here in the US. Unfortunately, my search was in vain. The closest I could come was Whole Foods, but they never got it in. So, Sea decided I needed some Red Leicester cheese as an early Yule gift. It’s now sat in the fridge here at work and will hopefully still be okay to eat. I think I’m going to have to buy a proper cheese slicer before I eat it.

Second, the perfume I bought on eBay for EB for Yule had also arrived. I’d forgotten I was expecting it. She discovered a perfume made by Mary Kay that she likes and of course it was promptly discontinued. She was wary of buying a bottle on eBay, fearing it would be a watered down version. *rolls eyes* Since I knew otherwise, I went ahead and found a bottle which I bought. My brother will be giving that to her.

Third, was a parcel from a member of HFO. At the recommendation of one of our members, it was decided that we’d start doing a sort of random gift exchange. I think it’s nice because you get gifts on non-holiday occasions and I personally enjoy receiving interesting gifts from all over. So, I finally received my first parcel. I must admit, V really outdid herself with what she sent. First, there was the book, a historical book set in her hometown of York in the UK. Then the stunning bookmark, which I have no intention of ever taking out of the packaging. Now I’m sure by this point any of you who regularly read my blog and have kept tabs on the 101 Things About Me, recall #35 and will start shaking your head because of what I said about the bookmark. But in my own defense, I would like to point out that said bookmark is made of silk and not something to be flounced around when you’re reading a book. So there. The final item in V’s wonderful parcel is the most beautiful butterfly necklace I’ve ever seen. It’s got an antique look with tiny Swarovsky crystals around it. Simply stunning!!!

The fourth, and final, item in the locker was a flat rigid envelope. I knew by the way it was addressed who it was from, but I couldn’t imagine what was in it. I opened it only to find another envelope inside. A Samhain card from B and his partner. And within that card were tons of little moons, ghosts, bats and cats, which got all over me, of course. All I could do was laugh.

I love getting prezzies when it’s not a special occasion. 😀


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  1. This post makes me realise two things – one is that I might need to rethink my gifts, and the second is that no matter what I end up sending…I really, really need to hurry up and send it! LOL!!

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