I’m So Brain Dead!!

Every Monday I feel as though my brain has been sucked out of my head and slowly reinserted over the week. And it’s never the same again. LOL

I had an uber lazy weekend. Didn’t do much beyond cleaning and whatnot.

On Friday morning, though, I chatted with a dear friend whom I hadn’t talked to in ages. If I am honest, I didn’t do anything to stop our paths from diverging as associating with her only served to bring up painful memories, yet I never stopped thinking about her and hoping she was well. Now, though, it seems I’m ready for a fresh start and she won’t allow me to take on full responsibility for not keeping in touch. So we chatted for about 45 minutes on Friday with the honest intention of calling again soon. It feels good to have her friendship without all of the emotional baggage.

I decided that I wanted to paint my nails as they are all the same length at the moment, so on my trip to Walmart, I purchased a new kit for creating French tips. Needless to say, when I sat down on Friday evening to actually do the painting, it didn’t come out as neatly as I’d hoped. They look fine from afar, but seeing as how I’m so close to them, I’m reminded constantly of the mistakes. *sigh*

Saturday was a day for cleaning and sending off of two parcels in time for the end of the month. Saturday night I went to the cinema with my brother and saw Eagle Eye which is an excellent film!!

Yesterday I did even less and am now here. Yay me. Next weekend will be more exciting and the one after, so you won’t be bored reading this.