Who Knew?

Who knew that disposable razors now come scented? I was looking through the coupon section of the Sunday paper and discovered that the Bic Comfort 3 for Women now comes with a berry scent. Of course it’s not indicated on the site, but if you look at the packaging, it says so.

I’d say 2/3 of my weekend was good. Friday I went to see The Duchess with my neighbour. It was a pretty good film, but only seemed to skim the surface of the woman’s life. Thankfully, Sea has sent me a copy of a biography of the real Duchess. Incidentally, she’s related to the late Princess Diana and Sarah Ferguson as well, which I thought was interesting.

Saturday I took JJ and India to a nearby plantation. It’s been many many years since I’ve visited Destrehan Plantation, and I must say, I was disappointed. The tour guide was unenthusiastic and it felt like we were all wasting her time. Oh well.

Sunday… well we won’t talk about that. It’s best left where it is, in the past.