101 Things About Me, Part 43

The latest random bit of information is that I have long brown hair. It’s also got natural red highlights. And now a few strands of grey.

Of course others might define long as a subjective thing, but suffice it to say that my hair falls past my shoulders. Even if I pull my hair up into a ponytail, it brushes my back.

It’s also very thick so most of the time during the summer I wear it pulled up.

The shortest I’ve ever had it is in a bob, but I think I look better with long hair than short.

My senior year of college, my roommate and I looked alike. So much so that even people who’d known us for a while suddenly thought we were sisters, or otherwise related. It was fine and funny to joke about, but when she came home with me one weekend and my own grandmother thought she was me, I was upset. So, not long after our return to school I had my roommate cut my hair. At that time, my hair was half way down my back and she cut it up to a bob. We did it one afternoon between class and dinner and everyone had whiplash from all the double-takes. I got a lot of… Wasn’t your hair longer earlier?