What Will It Take?

Seriously folks, what will it take for the people of this country who text and otherwise use their cell phone while driving to wake up and realise the danger they put others in??

I just finished reading this story about a train engineer who was texting while operating a train. In case no one’s aware, trains weigh several hundred tons. If you are operating such a massive machine, you should give 110% of your attention to your work.

Maybe if they legalise cell phone use on flights and planes start dropping out of the sky because a pilot had to respond to a text, people will wake up to the realities.

I am utterly amazed at the callousness with which Americans view the lives of others. You want to risk your own life doing shit, FINE. But you do not have the right to endanger MY life while fucking up your own. Your abysmal driving habits endanger my life as well as your own and I’m sick of having to drive defensively because of the jackasses of this country who can’t put down the goddamn phone.