101 Things About Me, Part 42

And now a bit of info to entertain you… assuming the rest of this hasn’t. ;o) I am addicted to popcorn.

So much so that during the week I was evacuated for Hurricane Gustav, I wanted nothing more. I missed my popcorn even more than I missed not being online, if you can believe that!! On Thursday of the week we were gone, I decided I needed some time away from everyone alone, in the early afternoon I ventured out to the nearest open supermarket which my mother and cousin had visted earlier in the day. They’d returned to the house ladened with stuff so I was certain I’d be able to find at least some of the old fashioned Jiffy Pop that you heat on a stove top. After all, the supermarket near work sells them. But no. They had only the microwavable kind. *sigh* But I managed to have some the day we returned. LOL

I’m seriously considering hoarding some of those Jiffy Pop pans for the next evacuation.