Who Knew?

As I drove to work this morning, I was contemplating a pretty rant-y post to type out as soon as I arrived at work. That, however, was superceded by the discovery of an amazing new device. Well… new to me anyway.

This handy-dandy device makes hiking, and I dare say camping, a breeze for the ladies who hate having to tote around a roll of toilet paper, envious of the guys who just whip it out and go.

In England they’re called a SheWee. On this side of the pond, they’re TravelMate Urinary Products. In either case I’d never heard of such a device. That is, until someone on the Historical Fiction forum I’m a member of started a thread asking what the strangest thing is found in any of the female members’ handbags. I think the SheWee tops them all.

But that’s just me.