The Token Sports Entry

If you’ve read my blog for any length of time, you’ve noticed the scarcity of sports related posts. While I do enjoy basketball and suffer through football, I don’t generally blog about it because I’m not a fan of one particular team. Though that is changing now that I’ve been to a real live NBA basketball game. For the most part, the sports I really care about aren’t readily viewable on television, save for the Olympics.

Having said that, though, I couldn’t resist reading through a story on about the nation’s top 10 colleges with the most obnoxious fans. I chuckled through most of them, considering the scathing wit from the writer of the descriptions was a female. As I read through them, I wondered if she would mention the school I despise most: LSU. Yes. I despise the state university here. Hooray!! I was on the verge of losing respect for this writer, but she redeemed herself and I love what she wrote about them:

Do their fans really think that changing the English language will make them better than everyone else? Geaux figure. Their so-called rivalry game is with Tulane (yawn), and they never run out of excuses for their cupcake non-conference schedule. Dare to play them in their own stadium and you’ll be doused with beer and “Tiger Bait” chants.

Bless you Lisa Horne. You hit the nail right on the head about what irritates me most about LSU and their so-called football team.