A Funny

Wanna hear a joke?

Four women were at a psychiatrist’s office having a group session and when it was over, they walked out to reception and began gathering their waiting children.

“Before you go,” said the psychiatrist, “I’d like to try a short experiment. Based on each of your obsessions, I will guess the names of each of your children.” He turned to the first woman. “You are obsessed with food, so your daughter’s name must be Candy.” The woman smiled and nodded. He turned to the second woman. “You are obsessed with money, so your daughter’s name must be Penny.” The woman smiled and nodded as well. He turned to the third woman. “You are obsessed with alcohol so your daughter’s name must be Brandy.” She smiled and nodded. The fourth woman grabbed the hand of her young son and headed for the door. “Come on Dick, Peter and Willy are waiting for us.”