When Kids Use Guns

You know, it really astonishes me when I read a story about children being allowed to participate in adult activities and pay no consequences when they screw up. Case in point: a 14 year old boy recently shot to death a woman who was hiking in the area where he was hunting.

Yes, I realise that it was purely an accident, but if we’re going to allow children to participate in hunting, when they do something bad – purposefully or not, they should pay some sort of consequence. After all, when an adult wrecks his/her car with another, it’s called an ‘accident’ and there are consequences whether the collision was meant to happen or not.

We do not allow children to drink alcoholic beverages. We do not allow children to drive vehicles. We do not allow children to smoke. We do not allow children voluntary service in the military. Yet it’s okay for them to hunt without supervision. It’s okay for them to carry a deadly weapon, “accidentally” shoot someone and not pay any sort of consequence. What’s wrong with this picture???

About a year before Almli was shot, a couple hiking on Mount Higgins, Frank and Val Herbert, heard gunshots while they were on their way down the trail, Engelson said.

Frank Herbert yelled to alert the shooter that hikers were approaching. The shooter refused to stop and told the Herberts to find another way down the mountain.

Excuse me, but you’re going to tell others to “find another way down [a] mountain” which would probably take them off established trails and potentially get them lost just because you’re hunting??? No way jackass. That’s not how it works.

“Most hunters know to be 100 percent sure of their target before taking a shot, Hebner said.”

This may be true, but if something isn’t done to change that, you will start to find a lot of hikers carrying handguns to protect themselves and some very unlucky children dead because some hiker felt threatened.

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