What I Would Really Like Is…

… an international organisation of some sort that works with every country’s basic postal service to track parcels sent internationally. I mean one that would work with the United States Postal Service, the UK’s Royal Mail, Canada Post, La Poste, etc. and be able to track parcels no matter which borders they’re inside of.

I’m expecting a parcel from Sea that is a week overdue; going on 2 weeks. She’s been searching for the receipt so she can contact Royal Mail to see if they can do anything to find it. I seriously doubt they’ll be able to help as once it crosses the border so-to-speak, it’s out of their hands. While on this end, the USPS ain’t gonna do much of anything to help. I can’t very well go to them and ask for help without any tracking information. And the tracking info on Sea’s end would be useless to them.

So now I’m stuck in limbo not knowing where my parcel is. Of course it’d be a different matter if things were sent via UPS or FedEx or DHL as they will tell you where your parcel is even if it’s in the middle of nowhere, but who can afford their service??!!