Most of the time dreams fascinate me. Sometimes I have enough to go on for an interpretation of them. Prior to 2003, there were at least half a dozen dreams that I had frequently. Same theme, just slight differences. If you were to ask me about any one of them, I could tell you about any of them. For reasons I have yet to explain, though, those dreams stopped when I moved away from my home.

Occasionally, though, the dreams aren’t so pleasant or easy to understand…

Last night’s dream has bothered me all day. I feel like someone sucker punched me in the stomach and that someone was me. The dream I had last night was about seeing my ex again. In the dream she called me and for a few minutes I had no idea it was her. Then the next thing I know I’m at her house and seeing her two girls for the first time. I hugged the older daughter forever, not wanting to let go. I just wish I understood why I dreamt about my ex. The one person in the world who has hurt me worse than anyone else.

I hate feeling like this.