I’m No Parent, but…

I’m quite bored today at work. As usual. So I’m reading all manner of articles at the moment on MSN.com. One of them is about the new generation of school supplies. Most of the focus is on the new items contained in a child’s pencil case. Gone are the yellow No. 2 pencils and pink erasers and in their place are a wide variety of more modern items.

One of the items they’ve pointed out and commented on is the presence of hand-sanitizers.

Germ battling: Are schools more germy than they were a generation ago? Parents seem to think so — or marketers have convinced them it’s better to be safe than sorry. Hand sanitizer, hand wipes and packages of tissues are now standard issue.

Now I’m no parent, but I believe it’s not so much a matter of schools being more germy than a generation ago as it is that parents are realising not being clean leads to a vicious cycle of sick kids. Mrs Smith sends her little Sue to school with a cold, sniffling and coughing, which she then shares with her classmates. Sue gets better while her classmates are sick then the germs are spread around the school and there’s a good chance Sue could get reinfected all over again. So teaching your child to use hand-sanitizers – in addition to hoping they wash hands after each bathroom use – will cut down on this.