Stuck in the Middle with….?

Well on this one I feel like I’m stuck in the middle alone. Between two friendships of sorts.

On one hand, there’s India. She’s young, intelligent and a very hard worker. We’re friends. We do stuff together outside of work. She’s fun.

On the other hand there’s Big Daddy and his wife. Both have worked in this office for quite a number of years. They are both older than me, but not by much. I’m friendly with both of them as I’ve known them longer, but we’ve never socialised outside of work, save for two Xmas parties and a crawfish boil back in May.

There’s a war of wills now going on between Big Daddy and his wife and India. India is trying to make a certain task more efficient and worry-free. Big Daddy and his wife are both bucking that, I suspect because if T1 and/or T2 discover how truly efficient India’s way of doing things is, it will be something Big D and his wife will have to learn and they strike me as people not interested in learning anything new.

I’m not truly in the middle of anything, just feel like I am when India comes up to my desk and shares all with me in hushed tones, yet I still want to be friends with Big D and his wife.