I feel like crap today. Almost literally. I didn’t sleep well last night because my stomach had other things it wanted to do. On top of this, I’m bored stupid. Not much work is being tossed my way today so I have a feeling today wil be as long as yesterday.

I have managed to accomplish some good, though. I have whittled my astronomically large labels list down to a neat 10 categories and relocated them a bit higher on the side bar so people can get a better sense of what this blog is truly about. As I went through all of my posts, I had a revelation of sorts. One of the top two categories with the most posts is ‘Things That Amuse Me’. I found this interesting because this blog was about the third incarnation at a time when I was at the lowest point in my life. Despite all the pain, there were many times when I was able to post something I found amusing. I contribute my current well-being and stronger emotional state to not only my spiritual path, but also to the incredible friends that have graced my life.

To that end, though, I’m also going to add something here I read yesterday which I found extremely amusing…

“A California group calling itself the Presidential Memorial Committee of San Francisco wants to name a sewage plant after President George W. Bush. The group says it feels the name for the plant would be appropriate because it feels Bush is leaving such a “mess” behind him at the White House.”

Leave it to those ballsy Californians to express their true feelings for the President. Gotta love ’em. LOL