Colours… D’oh!

Okay. Here’s my big question of the day.

Why can’t clothing colour match shoe colour and vice versa?? Why does there have to be an infinite number of shades of navy or black or brown?

Today I’m wearing blue. A light blue top with a design on it and some rhinestones over the chest. (Yay for sparkly boobies!) With it I’ve chosen a pair of blue trousers. The trousers are slightly darker than the crayon that’s labeled simply ‘blue’. The shoes I chose to wear were labeled ‘navy’ on the box. In an ideal colour world, the shoes and trousers would match. But they don’t. The shoes are darker. Of course I could’ve worn my other blue trousers, but they aren’t the same shade either.

So I look like a dork all day because my outfit is out of whack.

But I mean is it any wonder women have such large shoe collections if we have to get everything ‘just right’ in the matching of the outfit?