I Stimulated the Economy

Well, after a long wait, most of which was spent in doubt, I finally received my economic stimulus cheque from Uncle Sam. Yay.

It lasted about 3 hours before I took my happy ass over to Circuit City and blew the wad on a brand new laptop. So I am now the proud owner of a HP Pavilion notebook computer. Unfortunately, it comes with Windows Vista. If you haven’t had a taste of Vista, prepare yourself for a big difference. Oh, it looks like XP and all its predecessors, but there are a lot of fundamental differences. It takes some getting used to, but I’m working on it.

Of course now that I’ve got a new laptop, my dad thinks he needs one. His is only a year old. Mine is 3 at least and had some parts that were malfunctioning. He is the only non-geek type who feels the need to get an up-to-date computer at least once a year. *rolls eyes* He’s such a dork. All he really does on the one he has is play solitaire (beyond what is standard on a computer) and a few other similar games and he uses Quick Books. That’s it.