What Happened to Customer SERVICE??

It seems as of late, as companies grow bigger and their CEOs grow fatter from their profits, good old fashioned customer service has flown right out the window. These idiot CEOs are ignoring the very people who are providing the profits.

Case in point: At our office, we receive bottled water. We get the big 5 gallon jugs that sit atop a dispenser.

When we first began our service, through a locally owned an operated company called Abita Springs, we received new water every 2 weeks on Mondays like clock-work. At some point last year (don’t remember exact dates) Abita Springs and another locally owned and operated bottled water company – Kentwood Springs Water – were both bought out by DS Waters America. Since then, our deliveries have changed days of the week, at random (at least I cannot figure out the method to their randomness) and now we’re stuck with a month without water because we are not open on Fridays and our two June delivery dates are on Fridays.

But of course you try calling DS Waters America and you’re stuck with an automated phone answering system that doesn’t give any options for speaking with a live person at any time. Their pathetically limited automated phone system CANNOT ADEQUATELY RESOLVE MY PROBLEM.

I know why companies have moved to the automated phone system: so they don’t have to pay live people any wages and the CEOs can grow ever fatter on their profits.

So I sent them a bitchy comment on their site. We’ll see how long it takes them to respond.

That’s assuming ANY living beings actually work for DS Waters America.