Yes, you read correctly. After what happened today on the way home from work, I’m thoroughly convinced the publishers of the book I purchased are attempting smell-o-reading. Let me explain…

A week ago I got the bright idea to try herbal tea gardening. So I found a book and ordered it from the local Borders Books & Music. Today, when I rang them to order a new book I asked if the herbal tea garden book had arrived yet as they hadn’t called me. It had so I could pick it up at my convenience.

My convenience was on the way home from work. After browsing Borders for a bit, I got the book and checked out. I walked out of the store, got into my car and started just basically flipping through the book to get a feel for what I might be in store for… Suddenly, there’s this smell in my car that hadn’t been there when I got out. I sniff the air a bit… then sniff the book. The odour is definitely coming from the book, but I couldn’t pin point what the scent was. Certainly not new book smell. Then it suddenly hit me. The book smells like herbal tea. I sniffed again, then shoved the book back into the bag and sealed it up as best I could.

Now the book is still in the bag on my dresser. I don’t want to take it out and lose that wonderful smell.

I’m weird. I know.