Do You Ever Wonder…?

I was just clearing out a bit of my Inbox on my Yahoo mail when I came across an email from a few months ago, a brief exchange between me and an old romantic interest. I’d sent her this long heart-felt email and her response was completely different than what I expected. It’s like she was a totally different person. So I simply didn’t respond to her response, but I’d let the two emails sit in my Inbox. Until today. But on at least one other occasion since that exchange of email, I’ve wondered, as I do now, if it wasn’t a way to just get me to stop emailing her. Prior to this two email exchange, we hadn’t chatted or emailed in at least 3 years. Of course it’s conceivable that she has indeed changed in those three years; I know I have. And it’s not like we had a bad ending to whatever relationship was there. But it’s just something that’s picked at my brain. Maybe I was the fool for wanting to revisit what we had and it was her way of gently telling me to leave the past where it is.